me,I just got the creepiest skype add. tl;dr: YO GURL. I SAW YO PIC. YOU ASIAN? COO', COO'. CAN I GET YO NUMBA? TRUST ME, GURL.

  • Samantha: sorry if this is rude, but your name doesn't look very familiar, so I was wondering where I knew you from?
  • amine: hii
  • amine: hwo are you?
  • Samantha: I'm good
  • amine: cool
  • Samantha: but um, I was wondering where you knew me from?
  • amine: ok
  • amine: im amine
  • Samantha: Because I can't remember you, I'm sorry ><
  • amine: ok
  • amine: itsnot probleme
  • amine: so here
  • amine: is morning
  • amine: so godd morning
  • amine: lol
  • amine: (F)
  • amine: I like having friends around the world
  • amine: and especially I like learning English, with a person that I love
  • Samantha: Ah, okay.
  • amine: when I saw your picture on skype and I saw you talking englais jai envoiyer an invitation
  • amine: send u an invitation
  • amine: you are Asian?
  • Samantha: I am just wondering
  • Samantha: how did you find my skype account
  • amine: s randomly
  • Samantha: oh
  • Samantha: how?
  • amine: I swear to you that you not already conait me, and me too
  • amine: I look for contacts that live in canada and Parlon englais at the same temperature
  • Samantha: Ah
  • amine: plz trust me
  • amine: ok?
  • amine: If you want proof that I mean it Give me your phone number
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